Helpful Hints

Attempting a home remedy of any description on a grease/oil/fat/stain rarely works. If it is washed, it can alter the molecular structure and then make it difficult to remove - even by dry cleaning.

Oil Stains
You could ( if you so choose ) change the engine oil in your car and wipe up all the spilled black oil with your jacket. If you had the jacket dry cleaned, there would be no trace whatsoever of the oil. HOWEVER, should you catch the same jacket on the car door lock or the tow bar,that is usually graphite grease, which is a very different matter.

Is also removed easily.

The most efficient way of removing blood is a 50/50 mix of ammonia and water - then cold water tamping or rinsing, if item is washable.
NEVER rub a stain - always try to dab it.

Red Wine
Scourge of the dry cleaner! It usually comes in two forms: good wine or plonk! Good wine can usually be removed. Plonk always turns out to be a nightmare - it makes you wonder what is added to it! A good dab of water will help.

Can only be removed with one chemical, hydrofluoric acid. This is also used for etching glass, but a dry cleaner uses it in a much more diluted form you will be pleased to know!

Candle Wax
This always seems to give people total apoplexy, but it only has to look at a dry cleaning machine and it runs a mile.

Suede and Leather
If tempted to buy a suede item, always check to see if it is pigskin. If it is, walk away and look for something else! Most suede items these days are made from pigskin.

If you wear a suede or leather jacket, always try to wear a scarf - that way you protect the collar for very much longer.

Finally, suedes and leather should generally be worn for high days, holidays, cocktail parties and going to church - not to be worn for walking the dog, shopping or going down to the pub!Cleaning them is a VERY expensive proposition and, as far as pigskin is concerned, never successful.

ALWAYS check pockets. If a biro is left in and gets into a cleaning machine it causes total mayhem and very high blood pressure.

When taking items for cleaning, ALWAYS point out stains, such as egg, blood, biro, paint and coffee.